ThermTrace – a brand by HTS Global AG

HTS Global AG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance heat tracing cables in the world. From its headquarters in Switzerland, HTS successfully delivers its high-quality products to major and niche markets worldwide. Due to a broad network of international subsidiaries and distributors, the swiss company can ensure prompt deliveries and unique customer service for the entire range of heat tracing products.

Made in Switzerland, all of HTS Global AG’s technically advanced and innovative self-regulating heating cables fully comply with all international quality standards (ATEX, IECEx, EAC). Adhering to these norms allows HTS to apply their products not only in safe areas but in challenging and hazardous environments, including in the industrial and the construction sectors.

HTS Global AG is committed to customer-focused product innovation. Being part of a major international private equity group, we can invest in research and development continuously, says Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG. Therefore, all of the products are always up to date with the latest technology which helps customers to adapt to changing demands in their sectors immediately.

If you are uncertain about your needs, call HTS staff and they will advise you on which of our products best meets your demands and budget by reviewing environmental, technological and circumstantial requirements of your intended area of application.

You can also have a look on the website for the latest products.

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